About the Book

“Situational Ethics” is a book of true stories from Celebrity IT & Security Expert, author and serial entrepreneur Rick Jordan. The book discusses ethics relating to sex, money, power, intimidation and manipulation. There are many questions that could be asked about each situation.

The questions asked in this book will inspire you to think about situations in your own life, or the life of other people you know, and help you to understand yourself better.

What choices would you make? Why?

# 1 International Bestseller!

Bullying Ethics

“Doing nothing is wrong. STAND UP quickly and consistently to stop bullying, and teach your kids To Do The Right Thing. ” – Rick Jordan

1 in 4 teens have been verbally bullied.
80% of high-schoolers have been Cyberbullied.
35% of teens have been physically threatened online.

Explore the ethical challenges of bullying through Rick’s personal experience and get an excerpt from “Situational Ethics.”

About Rick Jordan

Rick Jordan is a successful entrepreneur and author of the new book “Situational Ethics”. He is a distinguished expert in leadership, security, and business for over 20 years. As a thought-leader, he recently spoke at NASDAQ, and will be speaking at Harvard in July. Rick also takes great joy in being a husband, father, and ordained Pastor.

"Situational Ethics"