Refocusing your life after Major Trauma Strikes | Molly Weisgram

About The Episode: Molly Weisgram tells the story of the day her family woke up and the life they had, completely changed. Learn what Guillain-Barré Syndrome is, and how it affects the person under the diagnosis. Molly explains how her and her family learned through education and awareness from diagnosis to recovery. Listen to the […]

Why You’re Missing Out if You Don’t Have Mentors | Kawan Karadaghi

About The Episode: Kawan Karadaghi brings loads of evidence to you during this episode by explaining how important it is to have mentors in business and in life. Learn how it’s the importance of showing up, learning from your peers, and recognizing what reinforces you to be an outstanding entrepreneur to grow you and your […]

Climbing The Ladder In The Retail World | Jon Skudlarek & Justin Kehrwald

About The Episode: Jon Skudlarek and Justin Kehrwald help further explain what being an intrapreneur is as they give us their history of climbing the ladder in the retail world. Learn how two employees started at the bottom of management and worked their way up, by using healthy competition. Learn how a shoe company has […]

The Trick In Building Trust With Your Kids | Luke Homann

About the Episode: Luke Hohmann dives deep in today’s episode, explaining how an app can build trust with your kids and money. He explains the foundation of what the app instills into relationships, both personal and professional. Learn how and why this app helps teach young children the fundamentals on how to successfully budget early […]

Why you shouldn’t go to College and Cyber Security Basics – Lakeidra Smith | CYBER EDITION

About Lakeidra: Lakeidra studied management information systems and cyber criminology at the University of Alabama. My focus is on eliminating the barrier of technical lingo and concepts to make cybersecurity awareness accessible to everyone. I have a passion for technology, and I am ecstatic that I have been able to combine that with writing. — […]

Uncovering the Truth of Hollywood | Shelby Marie Sloan & Mark Smeltzer

About Shelby & Mark: Mark grew up an entertainer in theater plays and played at local bars when living in Maui. Lived out of his office and car when he got started in Hollywood and met Shelby on a racy set. Shelby was a print ad baby and has been acting since she was 9, […]

Toxic Positivity: Why Coaches Are Wrong About Self-Care | Rebecca Hulse

About Rebecca: Rebecca Hulse is an author, speaker and creative rebel at heart. She is a business coach on a mission to help creatives be successful without being exceedingly serious, guiding entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life and to apply the tools that actually fit their purposes. As someone who revels in shaking up […]

The Truth About American Freedom | Rick Jordan

About Rick: As Founder and CEO of ReachOut Technology, my mission is to protect business owners and their companies from cyber criminals and insider threats. Over the past 20 years, I have been trained by the CIA and NSA, established the Geek Squad as the US B2B brand you know today, served as a Managing […]

Success Takes Time So Get Off Your LAZY ASS | Chris Ciezak

About Chris:   Christopher is a First generation American of Polish descent. Passionate father, leader, entrepreneur, restaurant/food professional on a mission to make a positive impact on myself and those around me.   Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Success Takes Time So Get Off Your LAZY ASS | Chris Ciezak It’s a […]

The War Between Facebook and Apple – Scott Schober | CYBER EDITION

About Scott: Scott Schober is the President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, a 49-year-old, New Jersey-based provider of advanced, world-class wireless test and security solutions. He is the author of three best-selling security books: Hacked Again, Cybersecurity is Everybody’s Business, and Senior Cyber. Scott is a highly sought-after author and expert for live security […]