Is it Consistent or Similar?

About the Episode: I recently read an article that talked about the top three restaurants for Gen Z. As someone who isn’t in that generation, I can still understand and fully support why they choose who they did. When it comes to service, generally all people want is etiquette service, a good environment, and to […]

Guns, Diseases and Credit Card Fraud

About the Episode: Today, my guest Tobin Shea, gets real with the facts about media coverage, gun statistics and more. You will agree with him that nothing is truly absolute. Science proves that, it comes down to what the data is, time and time again..   About Tobin: Tobin Shea oversees all activities, employees, product […]

Roe, The Supreme Court, and Voting

About the Episode: Abortion is a large, controversial topic that has been driving a knife through our nation, especially the past week as the Supreme Court of the The United States over turned their decision in the 1973 case of Roe VS Wade. Listen to the fundamental reason for a change in the judicial ruling. […]

Drunk Politics, Entrepreneurs, & Raising Kids

About the Episode: Met Krista Hilton, Founder of the Drunk Republic. Listen to the journey she has been on these past few years in her fight to wake people up from being woke. About Krista: Conservative single mom & entrepreneur still living in Portland, OR. Started a brand called Drunk Republic and a podcast called […]

Mandates, Fighting for your kids, What’s next?

About the Episode: Welcome back Lindsey Graham for another episode on ALL IN. Learn what Lindsey has been doing over the last year. The start of her new show, She’s So Right, and her work as the Patriot Barbie, and her fight against Cancel Culture. About Lindsey: After coming into Notoriety for refusing to comply […]

Ukraine, Bitcoin, and The Future of Crypto

About the Episode: Welcome back Akshay Nanavati, from a two month long adventure in Antarctica, climbing a glacier that only 25 other people have ever done. Akshay will share his adventure over his time spent in the cold, and what is next. About Akshay: Akshay Nanavati has overcome drug addiction, PTSD from fighting in Iraq […]

The Freedom of Making the Right Choices | Rick Jordan

About the episode: Rick Jordan speaks today that the reality of not making a choice means being detached from real life. The longer we are sitting in a limbo of not making our choices, the more we cheat ourselves on our tomorrows. Choices exist when you choose to finally have the freedom you’ve been in […]

How CBD Helped Me Build My Life Again | William Branum

About the episode: William Branum gives an inside look on the life of a retired Navy Seal that rebuilt his life with CBD. Learn how other veterans and first responders are rebuilding their life from alcoholism, PTSD and more with the Naked Warrior Recovery. Listen to the podcast here: About William Branum: Founder and CEO […]

Stop Looking For A Job, Look For Your Future | Ron Karr

About the episode: Ron Karr explains his mindset on the definition of velocity, meaning it is speed with direction. Learn how living as a Leader instead of a victim will be the motivating factor of having a positive mindset. Listen to the podcast here: About Ron Karr: Ron Karr’s number one premise is: What would […]

The Human Element: Our Biggest Threat and Our Greatest Asset

When it comes to cybersecurity, your company is only as protected as your people are loyal. I’ve preached more times than I can count that you can put all the tech you want into place, but you cannot stop human behavior. Technical tools are only a way to facilitate the human element because the truth […]