Fire Your Weakest Link

About the Episode: No employer or manager ever wants to have the tough conversation of letting an employee go. It is not something to look forward to when you realize that is the best for your company and at the end of the day, best for that employee too. Listen to the podcast here: Watch […]

How to Not Suck At Building Your Podcast

About the Episode : Have you considered starting your own podcast? Today our guest Kevin Palmieri joins us to talk about his expertise in building a 6 Figure Podcast. Learn how Kevin overcame his personal anxiety and his depression to build something spectacular, and is now teaching people how to do it themselves. About Kevin: […]

Selling Your Business: The Good, The Bad, AND the Ugly

About the Episode: Meet Jamison West, a serial entrepreneur with a successful exit from his MSP. Learn how Jamison navigated selling his business and learned the different sides of selling, including the one he wrote a book around: The Emotional side of selling. About Jamison: Jamison has been a serial entrepreneur for 25 years. He […]

Ukraine, Bitcoin, and The Future of Crypto

About the Episode: Welcome back Akshay Nanavati, from a two month long adventure in Antarctica, climbing a glacier that only 25 other people have ever done. Akshay will share his adventure over his time spent in the cold, and what is next. About Akshay: Akshay Nanavati has overcome drug addiction, PTSD from fighting in Iraq […]

All Entrepreneurs Should Watch Tommy Boy

About the Episode : Today we meet Wayne Mullins, CEO and Founder Ugly Mug Marketing. Listen to learn how his business in marketing began and how he was inspired by some of the best marketing companies to offer services that customers want and need. About the Guest : Wayne is a husband, father of 4, […]

How You Could Lose Your Kids in 72 Hours

About the Episode : January is National Slavery and Human Traffcking Prevention month, but how much do you really understand about it? Listen to expert Cammy Bowker talk about the dangers for our children online and how easy it is for a predator to approach children on social media and in the gaming chat world. […]

What If Everything Goes Wrong?

About the Episode : Rick Jordan interviews the President and Chief Customer Officer of Kaseya at the ConnectIT event in Las Vegas. Listen to learn some of the current topics on M&A inside MSP Space and what has been trending. About the Guest : C.J. Wimley leads the customer organization for Kaseya and its family […]

Why The media Is ignoring Genocide

About the Episode : We welcome back Mitchell Gerber for part two. Listen in to learn more about Mitchell’s years of blood, sweat and tears invested in exposing the horror that happens behind China’s Borders, and how our media has continuously ignored it. About the Guest : Mitchell Nicholas Gerber is a veteran activist, who […]

What you really need to know about Crypto: How to Avoid being Scammed

About the Episode : Erica Standford educates us on some of the largest crypto scams in history, and some of the biggest items to look at when investing in Crypto currency. Learn how Erica has become an expert in her field and how she teaches thousands of people in her community, The Crypto Curry Club. […]

Meta, Facebook, Google… The Future of Data Privacy

About the Episode: Meet Punit Bhatia, an industry expert on Privacy. Listen in on the conversation around Facebook, Google and many other platform’s on how they gather their consumer’s privacy data. Does your social media account know you better than yourself? About the Guest: My name is Punit Bhatia from Brussels, Belgium. I am an […]