The Essentials of Reconciliation in Relationships

About the Episode: In today’s episode of ALL IN, I delve into the intricate dynamics of conflict in relationships and how to effectively navigate through them. I discuss the immense value of being the first to take action in three critical areas: apologizing, forgiving, and letting go. Drawing from personal experiences and psychological insights, I […]

The Real Deal on Accountability and Common Clichés | Rhett Power

About the Episode Cliche? Yeah, we’re hitting all of them today, with a big emphasis on the accountability you hold in the workplace, and even in your family.   About Rhett: CEO, Best-Selling Author, Executive Coach, Forbes Columnist Rhett Power is CEO and Founder of Accountability Inc. He is a best-selling author, Forbes columnist, and […]

Tops Hacks for Your Personal Brand

About the Episode: In this insightful episode of ALL IN, I, Rick Jordan, delve into the crucial role of personal branding in today’s business landscape. I share my experiences and the importance of establishing a personal brand, regardless of your industry. Whether you’re in IT support, cybersecurity, real estate, or any other field, your personal […]

When Optimism Isn’t Enough

About the Episode: Today’s episode dives deep into a lesson I recently learned at a high-level VIP dinner with top entrepreneurs. When asked about my biggest lesson from the past week, I realized sometimes optimism alone doesn’t cut it. I discussed how it’s crucial to acknowledge when things suck and the importance of moving beyond […]

Turning Pain into Purpose | Cynthia Kersey

About the Episode  Today, I’m thrilled to have Cynthia Kersey, CEO of the Unstoppable Foundation, on the show. Cynthia’s journey is nothing short of inspiring—from overcoming personal pain to creating a powerful movement that transforms lives in Kenya. We discuss the incredible impact of the Unstoppable Foundation’s enrichment centers, which provide education, clean water, healthcare, […]

The Power of Consistency

About the Episode: Today, we’re diving into the importance of showing up every day, no matter what. Inspired by a story about Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph backing up his first baseman, I explore how consistent effort, even when unnoticed, leads to success. This episode is about the hard truth: your daily grind may often go […]

Fixing the Unfixable | Matt Chalmers

About the Episode  Today, I had an incredible conversation with Dr. Matt Chalmers, a holistic health expert and author of “Pillars of Wellness.” Dr. Chalmers isn’t your typical chiropractor—his deep dive into research and passion for fixing the issues others overlook is game-changing. We talked about everything from the critical role of testosterone in healing […]

The Real Dad Role

About the Episode: Today, we’re diving into the real essence of fatherhood. As a dad, I cherish my kids and always speak highly of them. Father’s Day isn’t just a “me day”—it’s a reminder to show up for your kids every day. I share my personal experiences and the importance of being there for your […]

Preparing for the Inevitable | George Chanos

About the Episode  What’s shakin’? Today, we’re cutting through the noise with George Chanos. George isn’t just the former Attorney General of Nevada—he’s a man who argued and won before the U.S. Supreme Court. His new book, “Millennial Samurai,” is a wake-up call for everyone. We dig into the brutal realities of our legal system, […]

From Waiting to Winning

About the Episode: What’s shaking? I’m Rick Jordan, and today we’re going all in with a powerful message of encouragement. This episode is for everyone who feels like they’ve been grinding endlessly, facing countless obstacles, and wondering when their breakthrough will come. I want to tell you today that your doors are opening. All the […]