French Fashion to AI | Benjamin Netter

About the Episode Join us for a conversation from fashion, to phishing, dealing with all the Bob’s in IT, and much more. My guest Benjamin Netter, the founder and CEO of Riot, gives us his insight on the journey of his business and how he worked with investors for raising capital.    About Benjamin: Benjamin […]

9 Entrepreneur Hacks for Fast Growth

About the Episode In business advice, one thing has always come down if you are not changing, you are dying. You always need to be flexible to the point where you can shift to better suit your customers, the trajectory of your market, your employees, and more. Listen to the podcast here Watch the episode […]

Guns, Diseases and Credit Card Fraud

About the Episode Today, my guest Tobin Shea, gets real with the facts about media coverage, gun statistics and more. You will agree with him that nothing is truly absolute. Science proves that, it comes down to what the data is, time and time again..   About Tobin Tobin Shea oversees all activities, employees, product […]

There were 3 IT guys in a room..

About the Episode: Today we meet Rich Freeman and Matt Whitlock, hosts of the ChannelPro Weekly Podcast. Listen in on them interviewing Rick on his expertise on how he has built his brand, maintained it all while building his business and how Rick, Matt, and Rich want to give this knowledge back to the Managed […]

How to Sell: Cybersecurity Services and Making a Real Impact in Your World

About the Episode  Meet Cyber Security expert, Eric Cole. Eric joins us today to share his experience in the Cyber field and how he has conquered it. Learn how his work with the CIA, Fortune 500 companies, and top international banks have contributed to his expertise and passion. About the Guest  With more than 30 […]

What If Everything Goes Wrong?

About the Episode  Rick Jordan interviews the President and Chief Customer Officer of Kaseya at the ConnectIT event in Las Vegas. Listen to learn some of the current topics on M&A inside MSP Space and what has been trending. About the Guest  C.J. Wimley leads the customer organization for Kaseya and its family of brands […]

From Mudhuts in Haiti to #4 on NASDAQ

About the Episode Brian Sallee shares his amazing upbringing in Haiti and journey to becoming the successful entrepreneur he is today. Learn how he grew a company to be #4 on NASDAQ by building skills off of the lawn-mowing business and answering computer questions at a young age. About the Guest Brian grew up in […]

Meta, Facebook, Google… The Future of Data Privacy

About the Episode Meet Punit Bhatia, an industry expert on Privacy. Listen in on the conversation around Facebook, Google and many other platform’s on how they gather their consumer’s privacy data. Does your social media account know you better than yourself? About the Guest My name is Punit Bhatia from Brussels, Belgium. I am an […]

What Made Steve Jobs Billions – Dean Meyers | CYBER Edition

Listen to the podcast here About Dean Design Thinking and Innovation trainer, coach and consultant Dean Meyers has been teaching people how to apply visual thinking and design thinking in technology since the Macintosh arrived on desktops with the first graphical users interface. He has employed techniques including graphic facilitation and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to […]

MSP Mindset: Survive or Die with Cybersecurity | Matt Rosenthal

Listen to the podcast here About Matt As President and CEO, I have the opportunity to provide my clients with creative and transformative technology solutions that have a meaningful impact on their business’s success. For me, the satisfaction lies in my ability to help and serve those in need, which in every case results in […]