Your Circle Today Might Not Be Your Circle Tomorrow

About the Episode : Rick Jordan shares some personal stories around friendships that have taught him some valuable life lessons. Listen to the podcast here: Watch the episode here:  What’s shakin, welcome back to ALL IN. I’m your host, Rick Jordan. And we’re gonna dive in today about raising the bar in your life. […]

The Secret to Handling the Worst In Life

About the Episode : Darcy Luoma tells us the unbelievable story that did not inspire her book, but made her live out her own preachings of being Thoughtfully Fit. Learn how she overcame her husband’s arrest while running her own company, and having to take on the role of solely parenting her two teenage daughters. […]

The One Thing You Need To Do to Get What You Really Want

About the Episode : Rick Jordan shares why he is an optimist instead of a realist in detail today, explaining there is nothing wrong with having a back up plan but he holds no expectation for something to go wrong, or to expect chaos. Listen to the podcast here: Watch the episode here:  Today […]

From Mudhuts in Haiti to #4 on NASDAQ

About the Episode : Brian Sallee shares his amazing upbringing in Haiti and journey to becoming the successful entrepreneur he is today. Learn how he grew a company to be #4 on NASDAQ by building skills off of the lawn-mowing business and answering computer questions at a young age. About the Guest : Brian grew […]

Accepting Differences of Opinions During the Holidays

About the Episode: We have a lot to be Thankful for, especially after the last few years. But, why are Family Tensions running so high? Shouldn’t we FINALLY be coming together in generosity and gratitude as a family? Listen to the podcast here: Watch the episode here:  What’s Shakin, Welcome back to ALL IN […]

What I Learned from Always Introducing Myself

About the Episode : Meet Clint Arthur, a mentor to experts that teaches them how to break through big time, helping them be the number one choice for their buyers. Learn how video is always better than audio alone in Marketing yourself in today’s world, and how important that truly is. About the Guest : […]

The Secret Weapon in Life isn’t Love

About the Episode : Today we’re going to be talking just to you and me for a little fun today, because we’re going to talk about the biggest thing that you need to show in your life towards others, because it’s probably the biggest thing that you want from others too, and it’s funny because […]

Meta, Facebook, Google… The Future of Data Privacy

About the Episode: Meet Punit Bhatia, an industry expert on Privacy. Listen in on the conversation around Facebook, Google and many other platform’s on how they gather their consumer’s privacy data. Does your social media account know you better than yourself? About the Guest: My name is Punit Bhatia from Brussels, Belgium. I am an […]

Getting Over Your Consistency Problem

About the Episode : Rick Jordan shares his definition of the word Consistency and how it aligns with the true meaning. Learn how Rick has worked on his motivation to achieve goals, by aligning it with this commitment for end results. Listen to the podcast here: Watch the episode here:  What’s shakin? Welcome back […]

The Truth About Transplant Hospitals

About the Episode : Mitchell Gerber joins today only 100 miles away from China’s border. Learn how he has spent the last 21 years of his life as an activist and pursuing his mission to expose the truth about the war on the Falun Gong people. Listen to the podcast here: Watch the episode here: […]