This is Brutal Reality | Rick Jordan

About the Episode : Rick Jordan explains today why he hates the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Why would you continue to forecast into the future, when the future is set on what you do today. Learn how he has applied this to his real life. Listen to the podcast here: […]

How To Realize You’re Dealing With A Narcissist | Rebecca Zung

About the episode: Today we reconnect for a second episode with Narcissist Negotiation Expert, Rebecca Zung. Learn some identifying factors in recognizing if someone is a true narcissistic person, and some actions steps you can take, whether this person is a colleague, boss, partner, or friend.  Listen to the podcast here: About Rebecca Zung: I […]

The Importance Of A Good Project Manager | Peter Christian

About the episode: Today we Meet Peter Christian, an experienced business consultant to middle and executive management. Peter gives us insight on how he’s helped 300+ companies improve multiple aspects of their businesses, as well as explaining what makes a good and a bad project manager and why they’re important. Listen to the podcast here: […]

The Real Life Of Being A Single Mom In Business: Now And Then | Jan Cavelle

About the episode: Jan Cavelle brings a softer tone today, as we get an inside look of the life of an entrepreneur that did it all – all while being a single mother. Learn today how your career can and will impact your kids and family, and how to make a statement doing so. Listen […]

Future Security Trends that Impact AI and the Human Element

We’re seeing a shift in the cybersecurity industry, resulting in the death of the independent consultant and one-man shops. The only consistent part of the industry is that it’s always changing. Cybersecurity is a moving landscape; it’s not just going to stay the way it is today. This has led to a general lack of […]

How CBD Helped Me Build My Life Again | William Branum

About the episode: William Branum gives an inside look on the life of a retired Navy Seal that rebuilt his life with CBD. Learn how other veterans and first responders are rebuilding their life from alcoholism, PTSD and more with the Naked Warrior Recovery. Listen to the podcast here: About William Branum: Founder and CEO […]

Climbing The Ladder In The Retail World | Jon Skudlarek & Justin Kehrwald

About The Episode: Jon Skudlarek and Justin Kehrwald help further explain what being an intrapreneur is as they give us their history of climbing the ladder in the retail world. Learn how two employees started at the bottom of management and worked their way up, by using healthy competition. Learn how a shoe company has […]

The Trick In Building Trust With Your Kids | Luke Homann

About the Episode: Luke Hohmann dives deep in today’s episode, explaining how an app can build trust with your kids and money. He explains the foundation of what the app instills into relationships, both personal and professional. Learn how and why this app helps teach young children the fundamentals on how to successfully budget early […]

Uncovering the Truth of Hollywood | Shelby Marie Sloan & Mark Smeltzer

Listen to the podcast here: About Shelby & Mark: Mark grew up an entertainer in theater plays and played at local bars when living in Maui. Lived out of his office and car when he got started in Hollywood and met Shelby on a racy set. Shelby was a print ad baby and has been […]

Don’t Be A Victim of Human Error: Avoid These 4 Employee Cyber Security Mistakes

You’ve heard me say it before: humans are the biggest threat to your security! I believe that employees have the best intentions for company security. Still, I’m willing to bet if you asked your employees what their role is in company cybersecurity, they probably won’t have a detailed answer for you. That’s because cybersecurity is […]