Turning Pain into Purpose | Cynthia Kersey

About the Episode  Today, I’m thrilled to have Cynthia Kersey, CEO of the Unstoppable Foundation, on the show. Cynthia’s journey is nothing short of inspiring—from overcoming personal pain to creating a powerful movement that transforms lives in Kenya. We discuss the incredible impact of the Unstoppable Foundation’s enrichment centers, which provide education, clean water, healthcare, […]

Fixing the Unfixable | Matt Chalmers

About the Episode  Today, I had an incredible conversation with Dr. Matt Chalmers, a holistic health expert and author of “Pillars of Wellness.” Dr. Chalmers isn’t your typical chiropractor—his deep dive into research and passion for fixing the issues others overlook is game-changing. We talked about everything from the critical role of testosterone in healing […]

The Real Dad Role

About the Episode: Today, we’re diving into the real essence of fatherhood. As a dad, I cherish my kids and always speak highly of them. Father’s Day isn’t just a “me day”—it’s a reminder to show up for your kids every day. I share my personal experiences and the importance of being there for your […]

From Pain to Purpose: Cynthia’s Mission to Empower

About the Episode  In this riveting episode of ALL IN with Rick Jordan, I had the honor of speaking with the incredible Cynthia. We delved deep into her transformative journey from personal pain to finding a greater purpose. Cynthia’s passion for making a difference led her to establish the Unstoppable Foundation, impacting over half a […]

Better Sex. Better Sleep. Better Life. | Matt Chalmers

About the Episode Have you ever wondered who a child of a family of engineers would be? Think chiropractic care but on a deeper level. Meet Dr. Matt Chalmers. A man that loves to look deeper into the health of humans and how cannabis, vitamins and supplements, and hormones can change your life forever   […]