Future Security Trends that Impact AI and the Human Element

We’re seeing a shift in the cybersecurity industry, resulting in the death of the independent consultant and one-man shops. The only consistent part of the industry is that it’s always changing. Cybersecurity is a moving landscape; it’s not just going to stay the way it is today. This has led to a general lack of […]

Actionable Security: How One Plan Could Be the Ultimate Answer

Cybersecurity is not a catch-all solution. When it comes to protecting a business and its interests, we can plan for every potential scenario; but no matter what systems are put in place or how much money is thrown at the problem, there will be a breach, and there are always holes that hackers will find. […]

One Woman’s Personal Mission To Inspire More Women In Technology | Trina L. Martin

About the episode: Trina Martin is nothing but an extraordinary woman. Today we dive deep into women with military and technology backgrounds, of all colors. Trina has set her personal mission to inspire women of minority groups to join the workforce of technology, to bring the national percentages up to where they should be. Listen […]

The Focus of Marketing Results, not the Marketing Process – Amanda Poplin & Jennifer Willard | CYBER Edition Pt. 2

About the episode: Amanda Poplin and Jennifer Willard have an open and honest conversation around debunking the social media-Instagram-marketing gurus. Learn about what multi-level marketing is from experts, in its simplest and purest form. Marketing experts that truly focus and care about marketing results, not marketing processes. Listen to the podcast here: About Amanda Poplin: […]

A CEO’s Guide to Data Breach Prevention

When a disaster strikes, it’s human nature to look for something or someone to blame. In most cases, in the event of a data breach, employees, shareholders, and the media are quick to point the finger at the CEO. As a CEO, you shoulder a multitude of responsibilities, including your cybersecurity. A data breach can […]